Who can become our partner?
Anyone who is interested in quality products, stable service and comprehensive cooperation!

Our terms of cooperation include:

  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Quality products;
  • Marketing and advertising support for the promotion of goods;
  • High service and timely delivery;
  • Stable partnership; fulfillment of financial and contractual obligations;
  • Consultations of our managers on all issues related to the selection, purchase of goods, their delivery and promotion.

We are always glad to new cooperation to improve the quality and comfort of people’s lives.

To become our partner and receive an individual offer, please fill out the form below:

To whom we will be useful:

  • shoe stores;
  • shoe repair and restoration workshops;
  • dry cleaners;
  • shoe restoration workshops;
  • sports shoe stores;
  • stores or companies selling household chemicals;
  • leather furniture stores;
  • furniture salons;
  • car dealerships;
  • online shopping;
  • and other interested areas.